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Learn-To-Skate Chicago

Something happens the moment your kid’s skates touch the ice. It’s beautiful. Surreal. Empowering. It’s the experience where kids learn as much about ice skating as they do about themselves. Your child learns glides, swizzles, edges and crossovers. Your child learns positivity, confidence, and personal strength. Lessons in skating become lessons in life.

Our FREE program is intended for Chicago area youth ages 5 to 14 who may not have the opportunity to experience the thrill of ice skating. Our comprehensive, ongoing method teaches everything from the basic fundamentals to advanced skating skills with every class emphasizing mastering the individual elements.

It is our goal to have your child graduate from the program, fall in love with the wonders of ice skating, and continue on with our FREE hockey or figure skating program.

About the Program

As your kids begin their journey on the ice, they quickly realize that they are learning so much more than how to skate. They are infused with the joy of improving every time they try something new. Each time they fall, they strengthen their confidence to get back up and try again. While learning the importance of balance, discipline and tenacity, they are reassured that even the greatest challenges can be overcome. These are more than lessons in skating; they are essential lessons of life.

Learn-to-Skate Chicago, makes these lessons easy and fun. Through our world-class curriculum and nationally certified instructors, your kids are enthusiastic about learning to skate—from their first steps on the ice until the time they reach their goals. Whether they wish to enjoy the recreational benefits of skating or dream of Olympic fame, this is the place to start.


• Teach children the fundamentals of ice skating while building confidence and skills through each lesson.

• Provide a progressive curriculum that ensures success from the first steps on the ice to the mastery of advanced skills.

• Promote the health and fitness benefits of ice skating.

• Equip each participant with the foundation necessary to reach their goal, be it recreational or competitive in nature.


Basic Skills teaches the FUNdamentals of ice skating and provides the best foundation for figure skating, hockey, and speedskating. Six progressive levels introduce forward and backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers, and turns. Upon completion of the Basic Skills 1-6 levels, skaters will be able to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating. All classes are well-structured with the focus on proper skill development taught in a positive, FUN, and social environment. Skaters will progress at their own rate and advance after skill mastery is demonstrated.

Basic 1–2: Discover, Learn and Play – These introductory levels allow new skaters with no prior skating experience to build confidence while learning to skate.

Basic 3–6: FUNdamentals – These levels develop all of the fundamental skating skills on the ice. Focus is on learning the ABCs of basic athleticism: agility, balance, coordination and speed. Upon completion of these levels, skaters will be able to confidently advance to more specialized areas of skating.

Join the fun! Our classes are ongoing throughout the year.

McFetridge Ice Rink (Indoor)
3843 N California Ave
Chicago IL

Robert Crown Ice Arena (Indoor)
1801 Main St
Evanston IL

Morgan Park Ice Rink (Indoor)
11505 S Western Ave
Chicago IL

Oakton Ice Arena (Indoor)
2800 Oakton St
Park Ridge IL

Johnny’s Ice House West (Indoor)
2550 W Madison St
Chicago IL

Millenium Park Ice Rink (Outdoor)
11 Michigan Ave
Chicago IL

Ami Parekh
Program Director

It doesn’t get easier

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Chicago Youth Foundation is a proud women-led initiative that brings the joy of ice sports to Metro Chicago youth who would not otherwise gain this experience, improving their social and academic well-being and empowering them to find success through sportsmanship and teamwork.

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